Friday, April 1, 2011

Something to look forward to

President Obama will be visiting Ireland in May. Obama is probably the best US President since Roosevelt. 30 million US citizens now have health care that did not have health care before. He has set about changing the worlds view of the US with his progressive foreign policy initiatives that include establishing better relations with central and south american governments. 

Americas past foreign policy positions on Latin america can only be described as inhumane and criminal. Obama clearly sees this and has worked hard to restore good relations with this part of the world. We can be grateful that he is in charge over the next 2 years. At a time when the Middle East is undergoing radical change it is important the the US President is one that is thoughtful and measured in his response to this changing world. I am looking forward to his visit and the sense of optimism he brings with him. We need optimism at the moment and a "Yes We Can" attitude.

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