Friday, November 16, 2012

There's no more emotive an issue than abortion

There's no more emotive an issue than abortion!

In the past week, we have been privvy to 'some' information about the young Indian woman who lost her battle for life in a Galway hospital, when a miscarriage caused complications and resulted in her dying from Sepsis and E-Coli.  As has been stated on radio and in the papers numerous times, we (Joe and Joan Public) are not in possession of all the facts and therefore cannot really make an informed decision as to what did or didn' t happen.  Cold comfort that is not to her family and husband who now not only grieves the loss of his unborn child, but also of his wife...
If there is any lesson to be learned from this it is that we need clarity where medical abortions are concerned.
But its not only that!  As a woman and mother, I am absolutely torn between the choices facing some women out there.  As a woman I understand and support everyones right to choose.  As a mother, I understand what can result from a pregnancy carried to term.  The fact of the matter however is I CHOSE!  I chose what was right for me given the circumstances of my life.  While I might not agree with someone else's choice, am I right to deny them the right to choose what is right for them.  Simply put the answer is NO! 
Getting into an argument about what constitues life and when is a feotus actually a baby is an argument that is meant to cloud, confuse and evoke an emotional response.  It is commendable that those who stand up for rights have behind them the courage of their convictions, but unless a woman is free to make a choice that is right for her; her rights are being ignored and that in my opinion is not right.  We all live with the consequences of our actions; we should not be forced to live with those consequences when they don't reflect our own right to choose.

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